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BGMI (battlegrounds mobile india) and Free Fire has been removed from the google play store and apple app store,


Due to the growing trend of PUBG games in the country, many difficult consequences have come to the fore. At this time, many online games are coming out which have been banned many times and are published again on the Play Store through rebranding.

Are such cases also in front during the game?

  • A shocking case has come to light in the Karla area of Mumbai, where a young man ended his life due to a PUBG game.
  • Angry with her parents for not allowing him to play the PUBG game on mobile, a BCA student left home in Gujarat’s Vadodara.
  • A few months ago, in the Basantpur area of Delhi, a son had killed his parents for refusing to play the PUBG game.
  • Not only this, but many times students have been expelled from college because of playing games for 12-12 hours, but now bgmi and free fire games have been banned after pubg, so the question is, for what reasons it Have to exclude, let’s know

Why Ban PUBG Mobile and Free Fire In India

bgmi battlegrounds mobile india has been removed from the google play store and apple app store, just like free fire. According to the report, this game has already disappeared from the google play store, and according to the report, it was removed after the government ordered the game. Before removing it, Google had given this information to krafton also, so the question comes, why bgmi has it been banned?

In March, the representative of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology n Samaya Palan, informed the court that pubg mobile games and bgmi are different games. When the ministry celebrates them separately, why has it been banned? 

Efforts made by the government to PUBG Ban?

The Indian government has banned the South Korean game. The development has blocked access to the Battle Royale game, as the government was concerned about data and mining in China. 

A source in the Indian government informed the news agency this hub block had banned PubG Mobile in the country. It happened nearly two years after it was put in place. Section 69A of India’s IT Act allows the government to block publications in the interest of national security and access content. 

Countries issued under the section are usually confidential in the interest of national security and for various other reasons. 

India’s IT law has been used to block Battle Ground Mobile India, a game by New Delhi and South Korean company Krafton, backed by China’s Tencent, for which the government has invoked a provision that threatens national security. Many other Chinese apps have been affected due to concerns. Section 69A of the IT Act allows the government to block public access to content in the interest of national security. 

For specific other reasons, said a government official and another source directly related to the development. The Indian government has not publicly announced the blocking, but the app was removed from India’s Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

SJM is the economic wing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh s ban has received strong online reactions from India’s popular gamers on Twitter, and youtube bgmi’s launch has always Been linked to the return of PubG Mobile. Its connections have been linked to PubG Mobile, which may also be the reason for its ban.


Report: The game has been accused of being rebranded. The game has been digitally rebranded if the information is to be believed. Keeping security in mind, it can be banned. 

Recently in Parliament, The matter was raised, the question was raised, what is the government doing to stop the pubg game? Some children are committing crimes when they are blocked from playing the game, in response to which Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that he has received some reports and Complaints have been received, s reports have been told that blocked names are changing and returning to India.

Why is it important to think about the game?

All these reports and complaints have been sent to MHA for investigation. Although there was a lot of craze among children regarding Korean games It being seen, where PUBG was banned some time ago, there was a lot of madness among the children, but it was also very harmful to them. 

400 million children and youth around the world are playing this game. They play games every day. While their number in India is estimated to be around 50 million, addiction to this game is more worrying. 

What kind of side effects does the game have on health?

The World Health Organization, in its new chapter, has also classified mobile game addiction as a psychiatric disorder. This online game has increased the number of child patients in AIIMS, in which 4 to 5 new patients are reaching out every week of PUBG, the game. The age of patients addicted to drug addiction is between 8 to 22 years. 

Employed youth are also getting doctors for counseling. These youth like to play PUBG on the phone so much that they spend the entire lunchtime of the office in this. Given the recruitment negativity of the PUBG game, it was banned in Gujarat. On the same lines, there is a demand to ban it in states like Jammu-Kashmir, Maharashtra, and Delhi. In countries like China, this game was first banned. 

Since then, our children have had to free their minds by playing kabaddi and kho-kho game on mobile, due to which their eyesight is weak, as well as violent tendencies in their brains. 

Whose responsibility is it to protect children from playing too long-time Online games?

The truth is That the busyness of the parents is such that whenever the children ask them to go out for a walk or feed them, they hand over their smartphones to them, while due to the fragmentation of the joint family, there is a complete lack of people to spend time with the elders. In today’s technological age, keeping children away from mobiles and computers is important.


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