A Luck Royale within Free Fire MAX is the Incubator. FF will give costumes or gun skins as its primary rewards. Players must trade in specific Blueprints and Evolution Stones to get their hands on them.

Following the completion of the Reptilia Guns Incubator, the new Carnivore Clash Incubator commenced on the Indian server of the battle royale game. 

It will be accessible for 40 days and comes with various gun skins for Thompson and other guns, improving the overall appearance and enhancing specific attributes.

Thompson Galactic Panthera through Free Fire MAX Incubator

As with every other Incubator that Free Fire introduced in the Battle Royale game, players will pay diamonds to play spins and acquire Evolution Stones and Blueprints. Every spin will cost the equivalent of 40 diamonds. A total of five spins cost 180 diamonds.

The brand new Carnivore Clash Incubator commenced in Free Fire MAX today and offers players the chance to acquire four gun skins to choose from Galactic Panthera, Dawnbreaker Lynx, Firehound Jaguar, and Hoarfrost Cheetah. If you know Piyush Joshi Gaming

, then know about him.

How to get Incubator on Free Fire MAX and get Thompson Galactic Panthera

Follow the steps below to get the Incubator on the accessible version of Fire MAX:

Step 1: Boot into Free Fire MAX and then navigate to the “Luck Royale” section by clicking on the icon on the left-hand side.

Step 2: Different luck Royales will be displayed on the screen. You can choose the “Incubator” button.

Step 3: You can select the appropriate spin option, i.e., one spin or five.

Step 4: Later, after an adequate amount of tokens have been accumulated, you can click on the “Exchange option’ and select the skin you want to use.

The ones with fewer diamonds can utilize the currency more efficiently in other events. Typically gun skins are sold at less.

It is worth noting that it’s not guaranteed that you will earn this level of Blueprints as well as Evolution Stones, so diamonds can be wasted when getting Thompson Galactic Panthera Free Fire Max. Therefore, only players with a large number of diamonds should use them to purchase this Incubator.


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