Free Fire has now released another old and rare bundle this time. Its name is Purple Criminal Bundle. This bundle will be the best and most famous bundle after the red criminal bundle. So if you want to get Purple Criminal Bundle in your Free Fire account, follow the steps below completely.

Criminal Royale started on 12th October and will end on 25th October. You have 13 days to get the most royal bundle of Free Fire. Although this royal does not only include Purple Criminal the list of awards for Criminal Royal is given as follows:

  • Top Criminal Set (Purple)
  • Crack of Dawn
  • Magic Cube
  • Crack of Dawn
  • MP5-Blood Red Weapon
  • M14-Silver Bullet Weapon
  • VSS-Metallic Weapon
  • M249-Fire Bones Weapon
  • Spikey Spines Backpack Skin
  • FF Pan-Watermelon
  • Sports Car-Bolly Party
  • Skyboard-Island Life

This Light Fest Exclusive has been launched according to Garena Free Fire. This criminal bundle royale free fire has been launched for the special occasion of the Diwali event. You can’t get it by completing the game missions of Free Fire, and neither is the bundle free. Here you have to spend diamonds to get Purple Criminal Bundle in Bundle Spin

How to get Purple Criminal Bundle in Free Fire MAX

How to get Purple Criminal Bundle in Free Fire MAX
How to get purple criminal in free fire in one spin
  1. Step: Login to Free Fire Max and open it
  2. Step: Open Royale Section of Free Fire
  3. Step: Click on Criminal Royale of FF Max
  4. Step: For 1 spin, you have to spin with 40 diamonds
  5. Step: Spin with 180 diamonds for 5 spins
  6. Step: After claiming the bundle will be added to your inventory section.

There are two options available to get Purple Criminals in Free Fire Max. However, in my opinion, if you spin with 180 diamonds, you are more likely to get the grand prize Purple Criminal Bundle. Plus, you can save 20 diamonds in each spin by going with 180 diamonds for five spins which you can use to buy other things.

Many players want to get the criminal bundle in 1 spin, but not every player can get out in one spin because if this one lucky spin is your luck, it will come out. Good luck

However, there is no guaranteed rarity system for this Criminal Royale. You are not sure about how many diamonds you should have. But if your Free Fire account is new, say 1 and 2 months old, then the chances of getting at least Diamond Purple Criminal Bundle are high.


  1. How do you get free fire criminals for free?

    To get the Purple Criminal Bundle for free, you have to use any other application through which you can earn and get diamonds by recharging in Free Fire.

  2. Which is the rarest criminal bundle in free fire?

    The rarest bundle in Free Fire is the red criminal bundle.

  3. How many criminal bundle are there in free fire?

    To date, Free Fire has launched a total of Seven criminal bundles and each of them is unique and osm.

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