Every month a new season (42 WP) is seen in PUBG Mobile Lite, in which recent rewards are included, and in these, you are provided with cosmetic items telling you the 42 WP of all outfit guns, in which many things are included as levels for free. And, it would be best if you got the premium upgrade done, which is the basic plan of 280 BC. Through this, you can easily claim the winner’s Pass.

There are different missions for different levels in the winner pass. You can complete the level by completing, and as soon as you complete the level, you will get a place in the lobby in the WP rank name on the top so that the player’s attitude towards you Increases attraction.

Here you can see the price list of Winner Pass


Winner Pass 42280BC
Winner Pass Elite Plus 42800BC

Somewhere, players like Winner Pass because it is such a game package that provides a lot of items at the cheapest. You can also get all the cosmetic items and return BC, which is free. It goes if you complete the level.

PUBG Mobile lite Winner Pass 42 Release date

Winner Pass comes on 1st of every month and this time also WP will be rolled out on 1st Nov at 7:30 AM. You can then access the rewards included in the Winner Pass

PUBG Mobile lite Winner Pass 42 Leaked Rewards

These are usually extracted from Winner Pass Rewards Leaks Beta Tested Version, which is on Test Version before coming to Global, and through them, we are sharing these Leaks with Winner Pass here with you. Some of these articles are confirmed there.

How To Upgrade Winner Pass 42

  • Play PUBG Mobile Lite Game.
  • Log in to the account (FB, Guest, Google Account, VK)
  • Once you have accessed one of the lobby options, select the WP option.
  • Upgrade the Winner’s Pass and reach fantastic rewards.

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