PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 Winner Pass Release Date and time

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 Winner Pass: As basic in PUBG Mobile Lite, fans are also getting to see different rewards Winner Pass 40. These usually involve price, release dates and special items leaks.

The WP every month in the PUBG Mobile Lite with unique rewards next month, for which game players expect new rewards. winner pass is the simplest way, in the game in which the most rewards are accessible.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 Winner Pass

All winner pass in PUBG Mobile Lite is particular in themselves and it appears with a lot of rewards, which users are waiting for a lot, these rewards also add emotion to the players. Winner Pass 39 is going on to be special.

Release date

Fans, If you are a new user of PUBG Mobile Lite, accordingly possibly You do not realize when Winner Pass will update. So PUBG Mobile Lite Season 39 Winner Pass will begin on September, at 7:30 a.m. (IST)

Leaks Rewards

There are additional chances Rewards for arriving in, for the period standing, Friends can watch WP Leaks through video and Currently Leaks update soon.

The wp new rewards you see here are all presented in the form of leaks.


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