How do I get a Room Card PUBG Mobile Lite? If you are a PUBG Lite player, you will quickly learn about Room Card, what is Custom Card, and how you can get Custom Room for free.

You will be able to learn how to take a room card in PUBG Mobile Lite, and not only that, but you will also talk about how you can get PUBG Mobile Lite Free Room and how much is the custom room price. They will also know.

What is Room Card?

You will be aware of the word Room and know very well that there are 60 players in each match of PUBG Mobile Lite. In the same way, you can start the game with fewer players in the Room, maximum of 60 players in the Room only. Can be added players can also be invited, and Players can also call them by giving an ID password, which is known as Custom Room in PUBG Mobile & PUBG lite.

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Room Card is played more for PUBG Mobile Lite eSport or Competition, and Youtuber also usually use Custom Room in Stream for Giveaway Winner.

With the help of Custom Room, you can play with the players you want and become their Enemy. The team is invited in the form of a slot in the Room, like SOLO, DUO, SQUAD, or ROOM. You can also see the player and the team; the Room Owner has a kill statement note for all the players.


How to get a Room Card? 

How To get a room card, it is necessary to have Battel Coin, i.e. BC, in PUBG Mobile Lite. From that, you will be able to take Custom Room. 100 Bc is required to purchase 1 Custom Room. Follow the step to get Room Card –

  1. Open Pubg Mobile Lite Game and Go to the lobby
  2. Click on the Shop section in the lobby
  3. Click on Treasures option
  4. Select and buy Room Card

How to get a room card for free?

To buy Room Card for free, you will be able to collect Bc coins by watching Pubg lite me Ads video so that you can make room for free.


  1. PUBG Lite room card price?

    The price of 1 card in PUBG Lite is 100 BC Coin, but if you buy 7 cards, you will be able to buy it for 500 BC.

  2. PUBG free room card?

    To buy PUBG fre card, you can collect bc by watching ads video in the game and get free room card.

  3. How do you create a Room in PUBG mobile lite?

    After purchasing a room card, you can easily create a room by going to the inventory and clicking on the use the card.

How do I get a PUBG Mobile Lite Room card?

After purchasing a room card, you can easily create a room by going to the inventory and clicking on the use the room card.


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