The coming of this notice is also standard because some players need to learn that a new update has come in the game, and they do not download it, which also comes.


PUBG Mobile lite different version can’t Play: PUBG Mobile lite has the highest number of players who can play with buddies because they form an excellent team that creates a sense of support and helps beat the game. Sometimes, players overcome all challenges when invited. These issues are similar to this player: you’re playing various games you cannot play. At the same time, the pubg invitation was rejected because you need the latest version.

The list of friends in pubg mobile lite is now sophisticated, just like the reminder option works in pubg. The Section was added within the last updates. Now we can directly connect with friends using the friend list feature. It is also possible to look up the timing friend and match types that the creators of pubg mobile lite can very efficiently optimize.

What is the reason for this notice? PUBG Mobile lite different versions cannot play with friends

However, if an update is released for PUBG Mobile Lite, some players wait to update to PUBG Mobile Lite. They use the previous version, which, when discovered, directly violates the rules of pubg mobile lite. If this is the case, their ID may also be blocked, even if they are connected through another method that may have been used to play the older version.


How to Fix PUBG Mobile lite different versions Problem

Method 1: To fix this notice, you need to ask your friends to download the latest version via chat to invite them easily. Try the old or your friend’s invite, then after that.

Method 2: It would help if you were on time while updating the game. First of all, make sure that your friend has updated the game. If not, then do not do it because you can play the game easily with them. Till then, he and You will not update.

Some advantages and disadvantages of playing in the previous version


  • Easy Rank Push
  • Easy Lobby


  • Friends with the new version will not be able to invite
  • Hard Lobby

In the previous version, some people liked to play. After all, that game level is not hard for them because most bot players enter it, so their rank is passed quickly.


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