PUBG Krafton is ready to release the M17 Royale Pass to the game. Developers will roll out Royal Pass M17 Rewards globally on November. This Elite Pass season will be filled with new rewards, so let’s find out the specifics of this Royal Pass.

Only players who buy Royale Pass (RP) will get the maximum rewards. You’ll have to complete some existing missions through matches that include a variety of rewards. Only then can you get those rewards.

Most PUBG gamers look forward to the fantastic variety of these rewards in Royale Pass. Some Rewards are free, such as costume sets, weapon skins, vehicle skins, and parachutes.

PUBG M17 Royal Pass Short details

Game NamePUBG Mobile (V2.3)
ItemRoyal Pass (RP)
SeasonM17 (Month 17)
Release Date19 November
Games UpdatesClick Here

PUBG M17 Royal Pass Release date

PUBG will roll out this Royal Pass of PUBG

on almost all the player’s devices at 7:00 am on November 2022.

Most players know that PUBG Mobile is played all over the world. It is the most popular game. Accordingly, you will see a difference in the release time per game region. November 18, UTC +0 is universal or global time.

PUBG Mobile M17 RP rewards

Rewards can be seen through this video, although after some time, we will mention the list in which RP level-wise rewards will be able to be seen.

To buy Elite Royale Pass in PUBG, you have to spend 360 UC. You must have at least 960 UC for Elite plus. According to the game information, so buy the Elite Plus Royale Pass. Next season will be better than this season.


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