In this article I will tell you how to profitably add money to your Steam account. This method is suitable for any region, including Argentina, Turkey Russia and canda. Let’s see what happened with the Argentine Steam gift card. We have to use another method to add money.

Buy Steam Gift Card online in canada

I have steam and Account changed to Argentina so that I can add funds to this account. There are certain requirements for your account to be linked to Mobile Authenticator. You can use a phone number from your home country, and your account must be funded with a gift card or other payment methods for at least five dollars in advance.

check out your steam contact info
check out your steam contact info

You have to checkout these settings

  • steam account to be linked to Mobile ( Canada country)
  • steam Account Protect to Authenticator
  • Email verified

where to
 buy steam card in canada

So your Steam account must have access to the Steam Marketplace. In simple words, you will buy certain items in third party marketplaces such as bet skins and sell them on Steam Markets. Let’s do it and see how profitable this method is. I’ll use TF2 I’ll give up.

TF 2 TM - How to buy steam wallet gift card in canada

Description of some markets. Login to this market using your Steam account, do some configuration, add money to the market using my bitcoins, and then find the cheapest mankoki. I will buy two keys and wait till the order is completed. They will send you business proposals, accept them.


His and now I have two Manco keys. The next step was to sell these keys to the Steam community market. I set the price to sell my keys immediately, and now these two keys were sold in the market, and I got five hundred and twenty nine pesos, that’s three dollars.

steam wallet gift

Eighty-one cents with the current exchange rate, so I spent three dollars and eighty. Three cents on the TF2 to TM market and sold these keys for three dollars and eighty one cents. That’s great for Argentina’s account; Now, this is the most profitable way to add.

Money in your account if you have an Argentina credit card I can now buy any game on the Steam store, but to buy the game, you need to use the Steam client, not a browser, because if you searched the Steam store Converts all prices to your region, currency.

You can’t buy anything, so use a browser with a VPN or use a Steam client without a VPN. Steam wallet gift card in canada Hope this article was helpful to you. Thanks for reading.


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