As an open-world series of open-world games, GTA is an open-world game series. GTA series has paid close focus to the layout and layout of their maps. It’s due to the vast maps designed for each game that the games provide an immersive experience for all players.

KeWiS, a participant in one of the GTA Forums KeWiS created a fascinating comparison of the size of maps for a few of the biggest GTA games. The team took over a month to look at the maps and determine the size that could be possible for the maps for each game.

Visit his blog post on GTAForums to learn how he was able to select the size of the map for every GTA game.

What is the size of PUBG map?

How the world’s largest, most recent PUBG Battleground learned by observing The Smallest Map. The latest map to join the PUBG: Battlegrounds lineup is Deston, which is the biggest map the game’s developers have ever made. Alongside being the most extensive map, th is 8×8-sized Deston map

 (~64km²) can also be described as the “tallest and densest ” map that the game has ever played

What is the size of GTA 5 map?

The gaming world is spread over 49 sq miles ( 130 km 2)–about the one-eighth area of Los Angeles County.

GTA 5 is generally liked by many Gamers because of the graphics people have in their hearts. Because of the graphics and the style of its M, the game is enjoyed a lot, and the size of that time is large, and we Which one is bigger in Gata Vs. PUBG Map, you will also know.

GTA V and PUBG Game map size comparison with real Scale

  • GTA 5 map size in km – 130 km²
  • PUBG map size in km – 64km²

As you have read above, the map size of both PUBG and GTA 5, then it is clear the size of pubg is 8×8-sized map (~64km²) , and the size of the map of GTA 5 is much bigger than that. The size of gta5 is over 49 sq miles ( 130 km²) then it is clear that GTA 5 is the most extensive map.

GTA 5 is the biggest map Hope this article was helpful to you. Thanks for reading.


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