Advance Server: OB37 Advance Server in Free Fire Max was scheduled by the developer on 03 November 2022. Garena has officially granted access to the website. Players can use social media accounts to apply. Like Facebook and Google accounts can be linked.

However, most players are getting errors applying the OB37 Advance Server. This error is visible when players log in with Facebook and Google accounts. Players will see a mistake in this pop-up message.

What is the “Free Fire Max Game Account Not Found” error while registering for Advance Server?

Every player is reading an error while registering on the official website of Advance Server. However, this is a problem that has been solved previously. This problem has been seen many times. Players get to see this error because they log in to the game and apply for advanced servers with different types of accounts.

These websites provide two options to the players. Facebook and Google. Because of this, players can log in to Free Fire with only one account. Because of this, players get to see a standard error while applying. Players should first link the account. After that, start the application process.

Fix Free Fire MAX Login Problem 2022

Suppose gamers use other platforms, Like Twitter, VK etc. So here’s a piece of advice for them. First, create a new account with a Google and Facebook ID. After making a new account, the problem of the error on the website of Advance Server will be resolved.


Below are some simple tips for players in Free Fire Max that solve Google and Facebook problems:

Free Fire Max Game Account Not Found error

Step 1: Players need to boot the Free Fire on their Smartphone, Tablet and PC/Laptop. 

Step 2: Use Facebook and Google to log in. Could you do it? However, log out if the game is automatically logged in with another account. 

Step 3: Players must sign in with Google and Facebook after logging out. After that, the player will have to create a new account.

“Free Fire Max Game Account Not Found” error Quick Tips

  • Clear App Data
  • Restart The Game
  • Change Network Provider
  • Update The Game
  • Check Official Announcement

Guys, If you face this error in Garena Free Fire MAX, ensure the User has updated and restarted the game. It’s best to wait a few hours and try it again because sometimes there is server maintenance time in graver games. Do the same thing even if there is a 503 Service Unavailable error

Click on the Free Fire game and open it. When the log-in screen appears, use the Social Media platform (Facebook, Guest, and More) associated with your old or existing Garena Free Fire account to sign in.


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