If you play PUBG Lite, you must know how fortunate it is to get Flare Gun. Do people want to know where flare gun is available in pubg lite?

Since this is a rare gun, people are desperate to get it, and when this Gun is found, there is no place for happiness.

If you also want to know where is the gun found in PUBG lite, then here I am going to tell you about the correct pubg lite gun location. Then let us know.

What is Flare Gun in PUBG Lite?

Flare Gun in PUBG Lite is a gun that emits bright light when fired. This light is like a message.

When you run the Gun as above, a message is sent from this bright light, and an AirDrop comes down, which contains a GUN that you will not find anywhere in the game.

Here the Airdrop doesn’t need to come down every time the gun is fired. Sometimes a military tank also comes.

How to Play Flare Gun in PUBG Lite?

Flare Gun is straightforward to operate. To fire Gun, you must raise your hands and press the fire button.

Keep in mind that always run the Gun upwards. You will not benefit from it if you run it in any other direction.

What do you get in Drop by playing Flare Gun?

Running the Flare GUn gives a shotgun in the coming Airdrop. In the Drop, you get everyone’s favorite Gun, AWM. Besides, Groza, AUG, M249, and MK14 Gun are available. This Gun can be found with or without the 8X Scope.

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Best place to find flare guns in pubg lite

There are places in Pubg mobile where there are many chances you will get Flare Gun. If you go with the team, someone from your team may get it.

  1. vista
  2. Plot Plaza
  3. East Port
  4. Factory 
  5. Range

So these are the five places where most of the Gun is seen. Because of the Gun, many people take them off, especially on Vista. So it would help if you kept this thing in mind.

When should the Flare Gun be fired?

Many people also get this Gun while playing the game, but because of their team, they think of firing it later and feel very sorry if the enemy is killed.

You do not have to think much if you play well enough. You can fire Gun at any time, according to you. But if you believe me, you have to fire immediately as soon as you get the Gun. Whatever material comes from it will be helpful for you and your team only.

Where is Flare Gun available in PUBG Lite? Complete guide

Because if you are with your team at that time, you will be able to loot the airdrops coming from your Flare Gun quickly.

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