DMZ Smuggling Tunnels: How to locate the smuggling tunnels (2023)

What’s Going On Everyone? Getting Light Here with a Quick DMZ Guide!: I have an exciting guide for you. We’ll be diving into one of the brand new missions called “Smuggling Tunnels” on the DMZ map. This mission introduces a new location, and I’ll show you exactly how to find it. Before we begin, make sure you have the Tactical Cameras in your creative class. Let’s jump right in!

Locating the Entrance

To begin this mission, head over to the area between El Mazda City and the hydroelectric station. You’ll notice an icon for a stronghold, but this isn’t your typical stronghold. It’s actually one of the entrances you’re looking for. There are multiple ways to get in, but I’ll guide you through the specific locations where you need to place the cameras for the mission to track your progress.

Entering the Tunnels

Before you proceed, remember that you’ll have to climb down a ladder to enter the tunnels. As you reach the bottom, be prepared for a challenging encounter. There will be numerous enemies, including Riot Shields. It might be a good idea to use grenades or a snapshot to thin out the opposition. If you find this entrance too overwhelming, don’t worry—I’ll also show you a second entrance that might make things easier.

Second Entrance

If the first entrance feels too intense, you can try another one located closer to the city. This entrance offers a safer and easier ladder descent, as it’s not a wide-open room like the previous one. Feel free to refer to the exact locations on the map.

Placing the Cameras

Now that you’ve reached the second entrance, let’s focus on placing the cameras. Remember, you only have one shot, so it’s advisable to have a teammate with you for this part. At the first camera location, make sure it’s pointed at the tunnel as you throw it. You won’t be able to pick it back up, so accuracy is crucial. Proceed through the rooms while eliminating the enemies. Once you’ve cleared the area, I’ll guide you to the spot for the second camera.

Completion and Extraction

After successfully placing both cameras, you can extract from the tunnels. Congratulations, you’ve completed the mission! I hope this guide has been helpful to you. If it did, don’t forget to drop a like down below. Stay tuned for more exciting content, and until next time, happy gaming!

Completion and Extraction

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Q: Where can I find the entrance to the Smuggling Tunnels mission?

The entrance to the Smuggling Tunnels mission is located between El Mazda City and the hydroelectric station on the DMZ map. Look for the stronghold icon, which indicates the entrance.

Q: Do I need any specific equipment for the mission?

Yes, you will need the Tactical Cameras in your creative class before starting the mission. Make sure to equip them beforehand.

Q: Are there multiple entrances to the tunnels?

Yes, there are multiple entrances to the Smuggling Tunnels. The first entrance is near the stronghold icon, but it can be quite challenging due to the large number of enemies. There is a second entrance closer to the city, which offers an easier ladder descent.

How do I place the cameras in the tunnels?

After entering the tunnels, you’ll need to place the cameras at specific locations for the mission to track your progress. Make sure to point the camera at the tunnel as you throw it, as you won’t be able to pick it back up. It’s recommended to have a teammate with you during this step.

Q: Can I do this mission solo?

While it’s possible to attempt the mission solo, it might be more challenging due to the number of enemies you’ll encounter. Having a teammate can make the mission easier and increase your chances of success.


Thank you for joining me in this quick DMZ guide for the “Smuggling Tunnels” mission. We explored the different entrances, placed the Tactical Cameras, and overcame the challenges within the tunnels. If you enjoyed this guide, be sure to leave a like and share it with your fellow gamers. Stay tuned for more gaming tips and guides. Until then, take care and see you in the next one! Peace out!


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