If you play BGMI, you must have seen the message of your BGMI Return on the screen. What is BGMI Return, after all? What is the benefit of this?

You see BGMI Return when you open the game after a few days to play BGMI. A reward is also given as a Return for opening the game after a few days.

But now the question is that those who play BGMI daily can those people take advantage of BGMI Return Mission? After all, how does the BGMI Return Mission work? know

What is the BGMI Return Event?

BGMI Return Event is an event that lasts for a month, and this event is activated when you play BGMI after a few days.

What is BGMI Return Mission? benefits

After a few days, the BGMI Return Event is activated after opening BGMI. You get many rewards during this event.

There are rewards for logging in daily in the BGMI Return Event and BGMI Return Missions, which get different rewards on completion.

BGMI Return Rewards

The essential reward is Rename Card, a scarce reward that is not available quickly, and when we need it, we have to buy it by giving UC.

With Rename card, you can change your name only once. Rename card expires after 30 days. It would be better if you use it within 30 days.


Apart from Rename Card, rewards are available in clothes, supplies, coupons, boots, backpacks, paints, etc. Apart from this, the return mission also has to be completed.

You get rewards even after completing the return mission. In this, AG and Supply Create Coupons are available as rewards. There are also chances of you getting more UC in the event for less money.

BGMI Return mission how many days 2022

Ans : 30 Days

2. BGMI return exclusive uc

Ans : 75 Rs = 60 UC + 1200 UC, 380Rs = 300 UC + 6000 UC

BGMI Return mission days30 Days
BGMI return exclusive uc75 Rs = 60 UC + 1200 UC and 380Rs = 300 UC + 6000 UC

How to get the option of BGMI Return Event?

You must be offline for at least 5 to 8 days to bring the BGMI Return Event. That is, you do not have to open the game at all. After the completion of the day, the return event will come at the opening the BGMI game.

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