Ammo Williams Drops Kieron Conway Over Ten Rounds

Las Vegas Las Vegas: Austin “Ammo” Williams remained unbeaten on Saturday, but he ran into far more problems with Kieron Conway than had anticipated.

Williams dismissed Conway during a presser Thursday, where he pledged the same kind of destruction as his first-round knockout or the previously unbeaten Chordale Booker in his last fight. Conway proved tougher than Williams thought, but he gave the middleweight, which is hard hitting to 10 rounds at the start of his 3-year career.

Ammo Williams Drops Kieron Conway Over Ten Rounds

Milwaukee’s Williams took a unanimous win in the first bout in the pay-per-view portion of the Canelo Gennadiy Golovkin-Alvarez undercard at T-Mobile Arena. The judges Chris Migliore (97-92), David Sutherland (97-92), and Steve Weisfeld (96-93) scored their fights for Williams who took control in the closing rounds to take on a bloody, exhausted Conway.

Williams has improved up to 11-2 (8 knockouts). England’s Conway, who has never been knocked down, fell to 18-3-1 (4 knockouts).

Conway was a bit shaky during the 10th round, trying to make it through after Williams knocked him down in the ninth round. At that point, Williams was in control of a fight that had been highly competitive in the first rounds.

A right uppercut from Williams knocked Conway to the floor with just 1:20 remaining on the clock in round nine. Conway had a mouthful of blood. However, Conway fought off referee Robert Hoyle’s count and got to the finish of the ninth round.

Hoyle demanded a brief interruption in the action at 1:43 remaining during the 8th round to allow Conway’s handlers to tape his glove back. Williams played the victim in the eighth round. However, Conway stood and moved enough not to take many clear shots during those three minutes.

A left-handed hand from Williams caused Conway to hold him for approximately 45 minutes into the seventh round. Another left hand from Williams caught Conway’s attention at around 1:20, remaining in the seventh round.

A right-handed strike by Conway helped Williams with less than one minute remaining during the 6th round. Williams could not get his hands around Conway throughout the six-round when he could not find Conway using his left hand.

Williams took out Conway by the straight left just one minute after the start of the fifth. A second left-hand from Williams caused Conway to get off his feet with 45 seconds left at the end of the round.

Conway was able to catch Williams by a quick straight to the inside with just 30 seconds left during the 4th round. Williams struggled with his punches to Conway.

Following the fact that Williams and Conway had spent the majority of time in their first match battling each other’s egos, The fight picked up during the second round.

A right hand from Conway could back up Williams in just 1:20 during the 3rd round. Williams made a left-hand hit when he drove Conway to a corner in the final round However, Conway was back with a right hand.

Conway hit a straight right hand shortly at the midway point in the 2nd round. Williams took a left hand shortly before the conclusion of the round.


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